PL course in ReScript

The lectures are great! Really cool that we get bits of your wisdom on how functional language compilers are implemented in addition to the nice illustration of theory.

Question: is there a place where we can report bugs? In lecture 3.1 I believe “rename” should only work on the free variables instead of recursively changing names of b.v. It should match “subst” on lambda abstractions. As you pointed out in the lecture it’s a special form of substitution after all.

At least we can watch the lecture videos, if you upload it to youtube. Hopefully auto generated translated caption would work nicely.


Question: is there a place where we can report bugs?

Thanks for the feedback, would you create a thread on the forum? I will have my colleagues watch that thread

I’ve created a new thread per your suggestion. BTW congratulations on your appointment at IDEA. Does that have any implication for ReScript? For example does this mean that there is more interest for wider adoption and maybe native targets? In the lectures you mentioned targeting LLVM.

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Happy holiday season! We have uploaded some videos to Youtube, hope it will be useful!
Best – Hongbo


Hmmmm, YouTube’s automatic subtitles are not available. Can you activate them?

Also see:


Thank you for sharing this. This is a topic I am particularly interested on but there are not many tutorials about it. Having it in such a great language (rescript) is even better

Just read the first lecture,and I have the impression that the slides do not hold for themselves. Am I correct? Are the videos mandatory to understand them?

Thanks for pointing this out! YouTube’s automatic subtitles are on now.


Yes, you are correct. I’m one of Hongbo’s colleagues working on preparing the course material and we are sorry that the slides are a bit sketchy. Youtube’s automatic translation might help if you want to follow the videos. You are also very welcome to ask questions by opening a new thread whenever you have difficulty grasping what we covered in the lectures and we will response asap.

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I confirmed that the auto-generated subtitle is working now! Thank you!

It has the english subtitle that is not auto-generated. Thank you for your work!