PL course in ReScript

Dear all,
I am going to make a course in ReScript, the schedule/syllabus is available here programming language theory and practice, feedback is welcome!


Will there be a version in English?

The course materials will be mostly in English (slides, example code, course projects),
it will be taught in my native language.
The course is still in development, if anyone wants to reuse it when it gets polished a little bit, you are welcome!

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Very expecting for this! 哈哈:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:

Which is? Might be relevant for me. :slight_smile: Deepl says “Chinese”, so can I assume Mandarin?

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yes : )

Note I made the course website fully English so that is more friendly to people from other countries


Will you cover SSA and CPS? in which topic?

We uploaded some slides in the website, ReScript is a great language to write compilers and teaching PL stuff, feedback is welcome!

The code is so nice that I attached one example : )


We will stop at WebAssembly, our own stack machine or LLVM (if it is covered)

I’m gonna learn the Chinese to listen to your courses. I mean it. :smiley:


I wonder if this makes the team reconsider first-class syntax support for lists :grin:


I prefer a short syntax like #{1,2,3} to list{1,2,3} but there is non trivial cost for such changes so that I would not champion for it…

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The material is nice so far.

The newest batch of pdfs are dead links though (lec2 part2 and lec3)


Thanks for the info, should be fixed now

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how do you encourage your students to practice your lessons? do you lecture, and then provide exercises/project per week? or is it more follow-along-and-learn?

Students are mostly self motivated. We provide homework each week but we don’t have enough resources to review the assignment.

Currently we do a live presentation and then upload the videos to, we have around 20,000 playbacks so far. We plan to upload the videos to too, but not sure how useful it is given it is taught in Chinese.


YouTube at least can translate on the fly to any language.

But if someone finds the time to manually write closed captions in english, that would be nice.

20k is pretty good. Congrats.

Also look at what happened in the analytics:


The downloads are also going up

Recommended this course to my younger Chinese colleague. :slight_smile:

How do we find your video on bilibili? B-站上怎么找?

Add: Found it