Playground CDN issues

Hey folks,

We are currently experiencing issues with our playground CDN delivery (which is currently jsdelivr), so if you don’t have any playground bundles in your cache, you will probably get an error message that the bundle couldn’t be loaded (max size exceeded > 50MB).

I am currently investigating in alternative CDN hosting solutions that are more reliable for our use-cases. I was pretty much shoe-horning our requirements into jsdelivr, so it’s my fault that this is now broken due to size limitations.

I will try to fix this problem this weekend, sorry for the downtime.



Okay, so we switched to a proper CDN service (
The online playground should now be back up and running.

Please let me know if it doesn’t work for you (might take a while until the CDN resources have been populated, although I think it should already work, no matter what region).


@ryppy I saw KeyCDN mentioned in the footer of the rescript website. Is it a sponsor? Do you recommend it? I have been using Cloudinary for images but I wonder if KeyCDN would be a better choice (I use Vercel + NextJS + ReScript)

The KeyCDN folks support us with a pretty future proof amount of free credits, so I can’t tell if the pricing is competitive w/ other products.

I really like them though bc it’s pretty barebone and easy to handle. Upload via ftp / rsync, http api for purging individual files / whole segments (we actually don’t need much for the playground bundles). The’ve also got a very simple and functional dashboard website, which is very refreshing, looking at other similar products (and amazon cloud :fearful:).

Also they are swiss and long established, what i like.

We still use cloudinary for our ReScript blog post images, but we don’t really use the image processing functionality there, so not sure if we should just move over to KeyCDN there as well… probably a good idea.

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I see, sounds interesting. I might give them a try. They look way cheaper than Cloudinary and other competitors.