Problem with VSCode highlight

I’m using chenglou92.rescript-vscode in VSCode but highlight seems not to work.
I’m currently using maximetinu.identical-sublime-monokai-csharp-theme-colorizer as the theme but I also tried with the themes suggested here: and I get the same result

Does anyone know how to fix it? ^^"

It is the same for me, I think it is still work in progress. It will get better with time

I logged an issue about this on github:

Could you show a screenshot with the suggested themes? Your modules should have been highlighted

It seems to work better (tags still seem not highlighted).
Sorry, I probably made a mistake and did all the attempts with the wrong themes, anyway here the screenshot

Yeah this one of the recommended themes. Tags are currently not highlighted. Might consider highlighting it

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Yes, being able to color tags and attributes differently from ids (or modules, for that matter) would be awesome.


Honestly, the fact that we need to bring up this conversation is depressing. Rescript-react is a more than a year old plugin and we still have this level of highlighting.


What bothers me is that there is already PR that addresses the issue, but it is just neglected.

That’s one of the biggest roadblocks for me to advocate Reason->Rescript switch within my team, meaning most of our projects will be stuck on the old syntax since upgrading will heavily degrade code readability.

Accepting this PR will help bridge the gap between Reason and Rescript and help grow the community.

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As I mentioned in the PR I plan to do a custom extension release with the highlight updates, I just haven’t been able to make time for it yet. The highlight stance of the official plugin is pretty clear at this point; I don’t expect it to change anytime soon.

I also held back my company migration to ReScript because of this, and the response further demonstrates their stance:

We have now migrated because I needed to start introducing new developers to it and that didn’t make sense to make them learn the old syntax. Everyone just puts up with 90% white files.