Proposal: Kawaii logo

Hi everyone,

I’d like to submit a request to @sawaratsuki1004 for the ReScript logo. It’s been trending on tech Twitter lately, and it would make for a fun Easter egg, similar to React.

Can anyone from the team approve this? It’s required for the request submission.
(See issue form)



Why not? I hereby give you permission to do it.


However, we don’t really have a spot where the logo is as large as for instance on the React page. So you would only see it in the top left corner.

Furthermore, it would be great if you could add “kawaii mode” to the docs page yourself when the logo is available.


Great, thanks! I created [Request] ReScript · Issue #128 · SAWARATSUKI/KawaiiLogos · GitHub.

Hopefully, we can incorporate it on the homepage if we get it. Sawaratsuki receives many requests, so let’s hope ours gets made.

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Finally, I know how to spell ReScript in japanese!
“Sai sukuriputo”

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ReScript, is a noun by itself, so the prefix ‘Re’ shouldn’t be translated as (which is also Re- of course, but It’s like retry, or reproduce) I guess. I thought the ‘Re’ comes from ReasonML, not the English prefix ‘re’. The proper translation would be リスクリプト.

Thanks, I’ve updated the GitHub issue.

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