Proposed changes: make merlin support opt-in

Thanks to the hard work by the community, we have our own rescript-vscode - Visual Studio Marketplace for editor support.

We used to emit .merlin to piggyback the support provided by ocaml/merlin: Context sensitive completion for OCaml in Vim and Emacs ( for editor service.

This support will be continued until it is broken (so it is a best effort service). What I am proposing is that we will no longer generate .merlin by default, user has to turn on it explicitly:

"generate-merlin" : true

Just a comment that editor support is merlin-free already. So there’s no cost there.

I’m still using merlin, because I’m not using rescript-vscode (yet), but I don’t mind adding the config property.

Making opt-in is fine but I’d say keep it there if it has not too much maintenance overhead.