Protocol buffers(or any auto-generated binary protocols) in rescript/reason?

We’re implementing a webworker communication protocol, and passing json becomes just too expensive when communicating between the workers(since it’s done by copy).
So we’re looking to instead use a binary protocol(that allows us to transfer ownership and not copy).

Any idea how to use ProtoBuf?(or similar) in rescript?

I assume writing a native rescript grpc client generator can be too costly.

So assuming that you’re planning to specifically use grpc for JS, generate it via GitHub - grpc/grpc-web: gRPC for Web Clients and then write bindings to it?

Ah I may have misunderstood. You’re only talking about comms between workers. No idea then haha.

Yeah, not looking for GRPC, but regular binary-encoding protocol.
I see there are bindings to typescript/ocaml

Is there a way to use these safely?