React 18 Compatibility

Will ReScriptReact be compatible with the upcoming release of React 18 and be able to use all the new features introduced? If not, is there any plan for these functionalities to be introduced?


Yes, rescript-react will eventually support React 18 features. Afaik most features are already pretty easy to use right now, or at least it’s easy to create your own bindings (e.g. for createRoot) in the meantime?


Is it already safe to upgrade to React 18?

I have a draft PR to add React 18 bindings

I need to revisit it again because I last looked at it when 18 was in alpha.


In an attempt to move to react 18.1 for my specific use case, I rewrote/stole bindings from PR 35:

external createRoot: Dom.element => Root.t = "createRoot"

The one necessary change to the copied PR code is to use the react-dom/client module.

I’m new to the rescript community and would like to contribute. Is there a proper place to post these needed changes or a proper way to make these needed changes myself?

Feel free to branch off of my PR branch and open up a new/updated PR.

I’ve been meaning to get around to updating this PR with the required changes but haven’t had time, pls feel free to pick up where I’ve left off!

Ok, I haven’t forked a fork before but will give it a go! I forked from your account in order to access your react-18 branch and will go from there. Thanks

I opened a new PR and would be happy to continue working on it if given some advisement: