React - Rescript associated packages & support

I’m posting this question because as I reviewed the forum, I’m still not sure what is the status of ReasonReact in light of Rescript rebranding. My main concerns are support and packages that were super helpful in ReasonReact development.

  1. Support
    I was using the ReasoReact Discord channel as my main place to ask questions. Where should I sick for help now? This forum, ReasonML forum, or somewhere else?
    Simple example: I want to implement file input type.["file"] doesn’t give any clue, also can’t find anything in ReasonReact docs and can’t find anything in Rescript docs. Where should I look for help with such an issue?
  2. Packages
    React development isn’t limited to just React and usually involves other libraries. For ReasonReact, it’s the same.
    I use libraries like bs-json, bs-fetch, bs-storybook, bs-moment, reason-future, and reductive for some production build.
    Some of these are long not updated. For some of this, updating to bs-platform > 8 is not that hard.
    What are the chances that Rescript will break existing libraries?
    Are there plans to support at least some of them in transition to Rescript?

Other people will give you more thorough answers. I will just note that I default to consulting the doc website’s dependencies ( to understand which rescript libraries will definitely be actively maintained going forward. If depends on a library, there will be a strong motivation for the core team to maintain it.

As for the File Input, here’s what I’m doing for an image file input that accepts a single file:

let toFile = (event): string =>["files"][0]
      accept="image/png, image/jpeg"
      onChange={event => Event.toFile(event)->uploadFile()}

Hello @mishaszu

First, I presume you’ve seen the migration guide. Tldr it’s really just a cleanup. We need to add more third-party libs info on that page but yeah.

Ask them here. Ideally you’d show the snippets in ReScript syntax. Since ReScript-React is just a cleanup, the concepts carry over, so there’s no problem in asking the questions here. Actually, it’s important that you ask questions here, because this gives us a signal on what to fix.

That’s definitely a good way to go. Keep an eye on these as we change them.

It’s here. It seems this didn’t get carried over to the new ReScript-React docs; I’ll look into it. Thanks.