React v17: Any breaking changes on ReasonReact?

After reading the React v17 Announcement blog post I would like to know if there are any breaking changes for ReasonReact or ReScript.
Are there any considerations we should take?

There is a change in the event system that left me thinking. :thinking:

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With React 16 I could not access an event in an asynchronous function. Preventing the usage of events in an asynchronous function could not be modeled with ReScript.

With React 17 this is not case.

By the way what do we call the new ReasonReact? ReScriptReact :smiley:

ReStrict :slight_smile:

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I think that the experimental suspense/concurrent mode related APIs will break as they’re now prefixed with unstable_, and the timeoutMs arg is gone. But I don’t quite remember exactly which APIs are bound in ReasonReact.

I’m using NextJS and now I see an error in Safari

ReferenceError: Can't find variable: React

My bad, I had a <React.Fragment> in a js file. Nothing to do with ReScript. All working well now