Recommended stack?

Hey everyone, I’ve been out of the rescript game for about 18 months and started to work on a side project. I’m building a web3 app. Any recommended backend or front end frameworks?

For the frontend I was attempting to use remix but have spent so much time just trying to get live reload/HMR working that I feel like giving up. Hence my coming here to see if there are any community recommendations?

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Vite is awesome. It’s easy to set up with create rescript-react.


Parcel is also very easy to work with.

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There was a tom sherman repo with a remix setup here it is. GitHub - tom-sherman/rescript-remix

I havent looked at it yet but I was planning to move a new remix project across to recript. There is a compiler patch in it. Not sure if thats needed anymore as i believe esm support was added to remix in v2 (but i havent properly looked at it yet to see if it was addressing that or also anything else.).
File routing is the other complexity but i think there are options, at the least remix config.

Not sure if that setup addressed hmr?

Thanks! Yeah, I dug into tom’s template but it’s out of date and I couldn’t get things working correctly.

@jderochervlk I’ve got up and running with vite! Super simple. Thanks for the recommendation.