Recommended to use Rescript yet for production?

Hi! Splitting my previous post up in hopes that it’s a bit less scary to restrain it to a single question.

I’m starting two new projects recently, and I’d like to use Rescript (was going to use Reason until I caught up to the announcement). One project is a web app, the other is a NodeJS CLI parsing tool.

Is Rescript (the syntax and tooling) ready for general use? I saw a post a while ago that said to use Reason for now because the editor tooling is more mature, and there are more tutorials/guides available.

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About the tooling, as far as I know, syntax highlighting, formatting, and error diagnosis work with vscode extension. I hope type diagnosis and autocomplete would also be released soon as I’m not confident(or maybe just comfortable) enough to code without them because of unfamiliarity with the language.

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We are currently working on the type-on-hover / goto-definition functionality, but this is still pretty experimental.


I think this topic deserves an update? I am having quite nice experience with VSCode extension

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Yeah. So to get back to the original question: Yes, ReScript (the syntax and platform) is ready for production. VSCode and Vim are supported out of the box and come with types-on-hover, autocompletion, jump-to-definition, etc.

We currently use the newest ReScript version within our product (React webapp), together with existing Flow + JS code. Pretty seamless experience, but I am also biased :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Do you mean the official react docs?

Are there any plans for live type-check/diagnostics while editing (without having to save the file) with the official VS Code plugin? I got used to this behaviour with Java and Haskell plugins, so I wondered if it is a design choice or just not implemented yet. It is not really bothering me that much, but would be convenient nonetheless.

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No, I mean an actual product that is being used by paying customers. It is designed as a React based SPA.

No plans at least what I am aware of. The current design allows us to keep the plugin state 100% reliable and memory footprint low. We know it’s not perfect, but at least it’s reliable and doesn’t break down on bigger codebases :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


It relies on a saved file, so you can’t.

But if it is too annoying for you, you can at least turn on autosave to have a more seamless experience:

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OK, because you said react webapp I though you were referring directly to react library web app. I guess you mean a web app made using react of your company. I’m curious what the app is about