Regarding src/bindings/Worker.res in the repo

I’m trying to use this Worker module: at master · rescript-association/ · GitHub

but can’t seem to figure out how i can have the fromApp and fromWorker types as variants. i’ve created my worker like this:

module Config = {
  type fromWorker = Result(evalResult)
  type fromApp = Eval(string)
  let make = () => Worker.make("./worker")

module EvalWorker = Worker.Make(Config)

but i can’t seem to postMessage because the types don’t line up eg: EvalWorker.make()->EvalWorker.App.postMessage(Config.Eval("foo")) gives a type error of:

This has type: Config.fromApp
Somewhere wanted:
  EvalWorker.fromApp (defined as Worker.Make(Config).fromApp)

Am i missing something silly? How do I do this?

This doesn’t seem to happen in the Playground or in a fresh repo

Here’s a commit with the error: WIP · tom-sherman/ · GitHub