ReScript 11.1 uncurried issue with core package?


I’ve just upgraded my app from 11.0.0 to 11.1.0 and encounter an issue with the @rescript/core package which I’m not using :thinking:

I checked the @rescript/core package version in the node_modules and it’s in 1.0.0 which is legit I think.

Any idea about this ? Is this an issue ?
Here is my rescript.json :

  "$schema": "",
  "name": "@colisweb/rescript-toolkit",
  "jsx": {
    "version": 4
  "sources": [
      "dir": "src",
      "subdirs": true
      "dir": "playground",
      "subdirs": true,
      "type": "dev"
  "package-specs": [
      "module": "esmodule",
      "in-source": false
  "suffix": ".bs.js",
  "namespace": false,
  "uncurried": false,
  "bs-dependencies": [
  "ppx-flags": [
  "warnings": {
    "number": "-44-30-32",
    "error": "+5+4+6+8"
  "bsc-flags": [
    "-open Belt",
    "-open Cx"

It’s probably because of rescript-classnames which has Core 1.0.0 as a dependency.
And Core does not follow semver, it will be merged into the Compiler anyway.

It’s a very small dependency though, I think the Core dependency there could just be a devDependency.

cc @alex.fedoseev


Published 7.0.1. Thanks for heads up @fham!

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Thanks for your answers.
Unfortunately, I still have this error and a new one :face_with_spiral_eyes:
By upgrading the rescript-classnames module, the installed version of @rescript/core is 1.3.0

As I seen in the README, this version is only compatible with uncurried projects and mine is not, so I tried to force the resolution of the package to the 1.2.0 & 1.1.0 version but without success :thinking:

Patch it, vendor it, or give uncurried mode a try.

Don’t expect library authors to support curried mode for a longer time as it’s mostly not worth it to do both when we at some point will deprecate curried mode after a certain transition phase.

Sorry for this being a bumpy road though.

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Yeah, I want to move to uncurried but I need to find an alternative to lenses-ppx.
Anyway thanks for your fast answers.

a reason for not to use ppx