ReScript 8.4.0-dev.1 calls for testing

You can try it via npm i bs-platform@8.4.0-dev.1.

Note this is a release mostly with some internal changes, it has extensive internal changes we would like some third party tests to avoid introducing regressions.

The major internal changes is that in this release we generate much more compact build instructions in the build system, it’s much smaller and readable, we noticed that this result in 25% the latency improvement over a large project (more than 10K files) from 870ms to 660ms.

Also this release makes some third party tools possible based on bsb, we encourage you to take advantage of it.

For example:

npx bsb -- -t targets all # list all targets
npx bsb -- -t commands -s output # list the build instruction for building s

We would like to export a stable minimal user interface for tool authors to query the build system, I believe feature proposals like this could be completely implemented on the user land.



Tested with one of our projects and had no issues. :tada: