Rescript bindings for Graphql Codegen

I’ve been looking at Rescript for writing reducer-style code at work, which would require GraphQL support, though in a slightly unusual way. That’s a bit of a wrinkle, since, from playing around with it, graphql-ppx has trouble with certain important features in uncurried mode (for example, fragments). As such, on the side, I’ve been working on binding to graphql-codegen, which has resulted in this monorepo:

Still working on the actual plugin (need to alias keywords, amongst other things), but I’m pretty happy with the bindings to graphql and graphql-codegen, so thought I’d mention it in the forums for posterity.


This is great! Cc @cometkim

Nice showcase of v11 features in the bindings as well.

At some point one could look into leveraging this to get a DX inspired by graphql-ppx: GitHub - zth/rescript-embed-lang: A general purpose PPX and library for embedding other languages into ReScript, via code generation.


Very interesting. Will have to look into that once I hammer the plugin into shape.

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Feel free to DM me when you’re getting close and we’ll figure it out together. Also feel free to DM (or just post here) about any eventual issues around generating ReScript types for GraphQL. I’ve done that a fair bit myself so I’ve likely hit some if the issues you might face.

Excited about your work!

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I’m writing a set of graphql-codegen plugin for rescript

After a few more works and fixing a compiler bug, I think it will be better to push to the upstream (graphql-codegen-community), so it should be TypeScript codebase.

However, bindings for graphql-js is good to have, and actually useful a lot!


Yeah, the particular use case I’m thinking of has some unique needs, so I knew I’d have to be writing codegen myself anyways, and decided to play around with the type generation, too. I’d be happy to move off of a self-written plugin for the general types, but hopefully the bindings will be good for per-project plugins, both for myself and others.

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Had some free time, and realized I never actually added a plugin for generating the base types (enums + input objects) of the schema, so went ahead and remedied that.

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Managed to get a initial plugin for @zth’s rescript-embed-lang up-and-running on a separate branch. Mostly seems to work, though it feels like I need to tweak the API a bit. Also need to ponder if there’s a way to have shared fragments between ppx snippets.

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Nice job! :star: Open a PR and ping me and I can give some feedback if you want.

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Will do, once I’m done tinkering. :wink:

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I just started to use GraphQL on a project a few days ago—how is this different from using rescript-apollo-client with graphql-ppx?

This repo is for making use of graphql-codegen to generate files. The main benefits are:

  1. Rescript 11 support - this is written in v11, so no worries about uncurried mode.
  2. Transparency - you make graphql files, this generates rescript files. To your average user, the process is much better about ‘showing its work’ without reaching into the guts of ppx.
  3. Customizability - This also provides types to create your own codegen plugins, so if you have a specialized use case, you can write a rescript plugin to generate code for it (that’s the main appeal for me)

This is very much a work in progress, so expect some weirdness if you’re going to try using it now.


Went ahead and polished the repo enough to publish on npm, and added some usage documentation to the repository!


I’ve now made an (admittedly simple) example repository, which uses some additional tweaks I made to bind to and use @apollo/client, along with updating the documentation with some extra usage details!