ReScript exercises?

I’m trying to learn ReScript for writing from scratch VS Code extension for editing Wikidata.
I’ve tried to find some exercises. Here is what I’ve found:
ReasonML on Exercism — it’s ReasonML, not ReScript, at least there is a difference in file naming, I’m not sure how big is the difference. — it’s closer, but I’m not sure if it’s up-to-date (most recent code commits were too long ago).
Is there other way learning ReScript gradually?

When I discovered ReScript I’ve configured rollup to build generated code in one file and started solving js katas at codewars. It was quite good to become familiar with the language.

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Btw, here’s an issue to add ReScript to codewars.

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But I recommend you to start writing the extention and learn as you go.

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OK, I think I’ll try writing the extension and learning the language at the same time. I little bit worried about writing non-idiomatic code at the beginning. But on the other hand, it’s hobby project and I have time to refractor/rewrite the extension.

Thank you for your answers!

Also, fill free to ask any questions in the form. I think @philiparvidsson did a great job in this aspect with his A few small questions post. It benefits both you and people who come to the form later.

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I don’t have any long exercises for you, but a while ago I translated the Reason learnxinyminutes tutorial to ReScript. Unfortunately that hasn’t been merged to the official site yet, but I’ll leave a link to the raw file below.

Edit: I’ve also uploaded it to my website so it’s easier to find, since there’s been no activity on that PR in quite some time. ReScript Tutorial: Learn ReScript in Y Minutes