Rescript for newcomers

Hello everyone
I wanted to know what are the first steps to start using rescript for someone who is new to web development.
I have installed “rescript-vscode” and then tried installing rescript (bucklescript) and compiling my .res file but it gives some errors.

hi @Sal1,

can you point to the instructions you followed to install rescript? What errors do you get?
this should get you covered:

thanks for the reply @tsnobip
I followed the installation and it worked!
but now I’m wondering if that’s necessary to clone the template project every time I want to start a new project? what’s the routine for starting a new project?

you can also init a project with

bsb -init my-project-name -theme react-starter

or any theme that you’d like, you can list them with:

bsb -themes

More info here:

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Thanks a lot man, you’ve been very helpful today.
Now I realized that I know nothing about about rescript and related topics. Is there any course\book for newbies like me?

It’s still a work in progress but the official docs are becoming very decent thanks to ryppy’s efforts and there are a few books that cover more in depth usage depending on your use case. Regarding books I’ve heard of by @jdeisenberg if you’re interested in web development with rescript, but I haven’t read it yet :slight_smile: