ReScript / Full Stack. I’m Looking for a job

Hello all! Not sure this is a proper place to look for a job in my case, but who knows…

I’m Victor. I follow ReasonML/ReScript development since 2018. Here are a couple of my projects done in ReScript:

  • — on-demand laser-cut service: upload a DXF or SVG, get your model delivered the next day. I’ve done domain logic (math, drawing validation, CNC program generation) and front-end there, everything before the “checkout” button; ERP- and payment gateway integration was done by my colleague. A few hundred orders served so far.
  • — cross-platform game. Done 100% by me except the art. Did not take off because marketing a game turned out to be quite hard without a budget

Here is some stuff for the community:

See also:

Now, the hard part. I’m in Russia. Russiаn government gone crazy. They kill people, they destroy the economy, they are ruining everything in Ukrаine, in Russiа, and around me in particular. Protests don’t help. I don’t want to stay here anymore, I don’t want to have anything in common with these people.

I’m looking for a job in the EU with relocation. A ReScript dev position would be ideal but I’m fine to consider other options as well. In the broad sense, I need some kind of prior contract/agreement that would allow applying for a work visa. Other problems I can manage for myself, I think.

Ready for an interview in English. PM me here or mail to

Please, share with anyone who might be interested, thank you.


I shared your post in my network.

Sad to see what’s happening actually between Ukraine & Russia. I don’t wanna start a politic thread, but as a french, i know that my country should never have participated in OTAN / NATO at the first place. That way a lot of pointless wars could have been avoided…

I hope you’ll find a good place to live & code :pray:

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If you don’t want to start a political thread, then maybe don’t start it :sweat_smile:


Looks like I’m going to be the only person to take part in the next Moscow ReScript meetup :sweat_smile:

Anyway, good luck man! :pray:


I’m still here in Moscow.


Hey, thanks for that!

Agree 100%. Let’s try to stay away from these questions as they has nothing to do with ReScript.


Good luck! I’m leaving to Georgia for exact same reason