ReScript Korean translate page is here

Hi folks. We’re making a ReScript Korean translation page.

And the repository is open to the public, right here

ReScript is a really cool language. We want to be with this language for a long time.

Contribution is open. Thanks.


Hey @jeong-sik

That’s a very cool initiative! Unfortunately I don’t speak Korean, but we can add some “Translations” section in our Community page to make your project more visible?

Since the docs are constantly changing / growing, I am still not entirely sure how the translation process could look like so that it’s easier to track changes across languages… but maybe this is a problem for the future?


Thank you for answer. I made a PR for the Translation Page.

Our team checks the ReScript team’s documentation very often.
We plan to reflect on your Korean page once your page is modified.

Once the documentation has reached a certain level of stability, it may be time to discuss the integrated page. I don’t think it will be a problem yet.

Really cool! Love this