ReScript Office Hours #1

Hey everyone!

We wanted to try out a new concept and have a more direct communication channel as well, so @chenglou and I want to invite you to join us to our first “Office Hour” session, open for everyone to ask questions, or just have a casual laid back conversation about ReScript.

We need to cater to multiple timezones. Our goal is to have more regular meetings in the future (depending on the interest), so we’ll try to alternate between timezones each session if possible.


Tuesday, 22th of September

1pm PT (San Francisco)
10pm CEST (Central Europe)
4pm EST (New York)

(Here a timezone comparison link to quickly find your timezone)

The session takes around 1 to 1.5 hours.
It’s okay to drop in / out in between the session; it would still be great to have all participants joining at start time if possible!

We will post a remote call link in this thread (either Zoom or Jitsi Meet), so if you are interested to join, make sure to set your notifications for this thread to “watching” to receive an email notification:


Looking forward seeing a lot of faces!

If you are planning to attend, feel free to reply to this thread and let us know :slight_smile:



Nice Idea!
It would be great, if it could be recorded and put on YouTube or something similar :blush:

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This is an excellent idea that I am sure will be well appreciated by the community :+1:

I will be on vacation on Tuesday 22nd and most likely won’t be able to participate. For future “office hours”, I would prefer an earlier start time if possible - 10pm CEST is a bit late.

I second that. It’s even later down in here Moscow (11pm MSK).
Of course, you can’t have any single timeslot that will be comfortable for anyone around the globe.

Starting now!

Click the link to join our session:
[outdated link removed]