ReScript Office Hours #5

Hi all,
To advocate more transparency, I am planning to hold a virtual event to answer any question about ReScript development. The planned time is 09/22, GMT+8, 7pm. Everyone is welcome to join the event

Wednesday, September 22 · 19:00 – 19:45 (GMT+8)
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Video call link:


Just to save people a few seconds of calculation :slight_smile:

That’s Wednesday Sep. 22nd, 7 am EST.

The easiest way is to use the datetime selector:

Edit: I think it’s actually EST 6am


Hi all, I set up a Google Meet, see you next week!

Rescript office hour
Wednesday, September 22 · 19:00 – 19:45 (GMT+8)
Google Meet joining info
Video call link:


Thank you for everyone who joined the meeting.
We have 12 people coming from over the world to chat about ReScript, it is a great experience.
I am planning to do more about it in the future, maybe next time in US timezone, thanks!


Oh I calculated the time difference incorrectly and thought it was starting now. Sorry I missed it!

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Thank you for the discussions on Node.js documentation!
Shout out to the person who provided this Bindings Cookbook

Thanks a lot for your time, Bob!

That would be our own @yawaramin :grin:

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Thanks for all who joined the meeting.

To make a breif summary about what we are doing with respect to the compiler and its core toolchain:

  • We are contiuously doing lots of life of quality improvememts, and unlike most compilers, our compiler is getting faster and the generated code is also getting faster for each release(with more features), we made around 800 commits since 2021, this is quite a lot given the compiler is already in mature status. There are also lots of work from @cristianoc 's IDE and gentype support, @Maxim 's parsing/formatter work and @ryyppy 's documentation effort.

  • Cleary there are some bus factors in the development of compiler and its core toolchain. So I am planning to work on some internal tools refactoring: the idea is that we will have one monorepo so that the change in one part of the toolchain will be caught earlier in all tools. However, we will pick a composable build system so that the daily development for each part of the toolchain will be independent. The toolchain will be split into such parts: build system, syntax, compiler, IDE, standard library, each part can receive contributions from people who have different expertise.

  • If you share the same vision with us : “Build the best langauge for development on JS platform”, your contributions are welcome and much appreciated. The contributions are not only code contributions, answering the questions on forum, writing posts, or making docs contributions are much appreciated!