ReScript Online Meetup #1 - What's new in ReScript v11

Happy to announce the first edition of ReScript Online Meetup, an online meetup dedicated to ReScript and its ecosystem!

The first event will happen at the 10th of October, at 19:00 CET, and we’re going to dive deep into ReScript v11 and everything new that brings.

Hope to see you there! You can read more about the event + RSVP here: ReScript v11 - what's new | Guild


Localized datetime: 2023-10-10T17:00:00Z

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This was awesome! It was great seeing all the upcoming changes with code examples and the reasons explained, with comparisons. Great job!

It was mentioned something about the standard library being merged into the compiler, is that going to be a part of v11 or is it going to happen later?

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Thank you everyone for coming and asking questions last night!

Here’s the video (including the live chat) for anyone who’s interested:

@joakin bringing the new standard library into the compiler won’t happen before ReScript v12.