Rescript React Bootstrap installation is vague?

I am trying to use Bootstrap with my rescript react application. and trying to follow the instructions on their page

The installation step says

Then, you’ll need to import bootstrap styles into your app:

// App.js import “bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css”;

But my application doesn’t have a “js” file. I only have RES files and then those are compiled into .bs.js and then webpack converts those to .js.

So where should I add this line?

Edit:: did some googling. I think the author meant


and perhaps this line is in the Main.res (which is my top level react component)?

Also… even if I am able to import this using raw still I would need to modify my webpack.config so that the bootstrap files are copied into the “build” folder which webpack is generating for me. how will I do that? I googled but there is no example on the web for react+bootstrap+webpack.

You’re looking for css-loader | webpack