Rescript Tutorials / Examples?

Does anyone have any resources for starting a new Rescript project? I’d be happy to see either web (React) or NodeJS stuff. Right now, it seems like the only path is to follow ReasonML tutorials and then convert to Rescript with the formatter, is that right?

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I am new around here but did make a proof-of-concept/example for myself when I was curious if I could use ReScript in VSCode to make an app where the data processing took place in ReScript to get the compiler benefits/satfey and then was passed to Vue.js for normal front-end work. The basis was this tutorial though I changed to approach because in this toy example the author is passing the input to the post-compilation JS, and thus not getting the benefits of the type checks, etc (1+“1” = 11 still).

This example should run and reading the and DataComponent.vue should get you and idea of what’s going on.

Again I want to disclaim I am not an expert, this was just my stab at integrating ReScript into a working app in mainstream framework to test viability or not. Nobody pointed out where it was a sensible approach or not but it will get you started with a working app at least.

Anyone who knows more than me feel free to correct me but I think this is a reasonable toy to get a feel for something in a working example at least.

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