ReScript using Replit

Hey everyone!

I wanted to see if anyone has ReScript working in Replit (



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They had ‘ReasonML’ as part of their offering (i.e., a slightly older version of BuckleScript), but since they’ve taken the IDE feature for members only, I haven’t checked if they’ve upgraded to a new ReScript version.

Gotcha, yea I saw that, wasn’t sure if there was a way to easily get the latest version of ReScript running.

I have never used it before, but was looking at exploring it to potentially build a ReScript course.

Looks like they are using Reason 3.3.4 along with Bucklescript 4.0.18 on node 10


Yup, trying to start with a CRA template and installing rescript and rescript/react.

Will keep you all updated.

Hey @dan003400, I haven’t used Replit with ReScript yet. But if you just want to test some small stuff, I’ve done a PR recently rendering the JS output with React on the official ReScript Playground. Here’s the preview link if you want to test it. I’d be happy to have any feedback from you.


would be nice if it had a console output

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Please upvote this post if you want ReScript syntax support in replit: