ReScript v11 - does it compile .ml .mli files?

I understand the upcoming v11 won’t compile .re .rei files anymore, but will it still compile .ml .mli files?

I use Relude and Bastet in ReScript v10 with personal forks of both Relude and Bastet, and they have been working fine.

I am gauging the effort to keep Relude and Bastet compatible with ReScript V11.

Any suggestions are welcome.


Parts of the core libraries are written in .ml, so that is technically still supported.
However, notice that recent language features require .res, unless one wants to deal with whatever those language features desugar to in .ml.

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Thanks for clarifying. There are quite a few Reason libraries written in .ml and I would like to make sure they would compile, with reasonable compatibility changes, when I upgrade my project to ReScript v11.

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