Rescript VIM support

I switch to Rescript from Reason lately and with that change, I also change vim-reason-plus and coc-reason for VIM development to vim-rescript with coc configuration from here:
It appears that the new configuration with Rescript is a downgrade from Reason configuration.

  1. vim-rescript doesn’t support JSX like syntax for ReasonReact
  2. vim-rescript doesn’t show syntax errors. For example, if I use pattern matching with fun that is no longer supported, the compiler throws an error but VIM doesn’t see a problem
  3. vim-rescript with running coc configuration doesn’t show most of errors in VIM.

Are there any plans to improve VIM plugins support, or at least achieve similar support as with Reason?

Are you sure you set up everything correctly? E.g. do you run the compiler in watchmode while using the editor?

I checked highlight for jsx in vs code, and it’s the same as for VIM, pretty limited, but I guess it’s not a “bug”.

For the rest of the problems, I had to run :CocRestart. I assumed CoC will “restart” as I restart VIM or computer, but that was wrong. I had to run it manually.

Yeah coc should start the vendored rescript-vscode lsp as soon as you open a .res file. Any more details on your setup or configs, or coc logs?

After I run :CocRestart it seems to work. Rarely it stops, can’t replicate it yet, but a simple restart bsb fix the problem.