ReScript vim syntax

I wrote a basic vim syntax for ReScript. It’s not completed yet and I’m not a vim script pro, please try that and give me feedbacks.
It’s available at

P.S: I think gathering all editor stuff in a single github org like rescript-editor at some point might be a good idea


Thanks for the effort. I am a VIM user myself, so a properly maintained VIM syntax / plugin would of course be interesting to me as well.

We’ll think about a maintenance strategy for different editor plugin repos as soon as we are happy with the language server / VSCode implementation.

My gut feeling tells me that specific editor plugin repos would probably end up in the rescript-lang GH org with external maintainers set up, instead of having a separate orga… but let’s see!


That’s a good idea, thank you.

@amiralies thank you!
@ryyppy actually, from past experience, I think we’d instead like to fully control the editor experience so that we aren’t at the mercy of an independent release schedule (though this affects vim less). @amiralies is it ok if we copy this repo into the official rescript-lang org for now? We’d control it but it’s easier to loosen up than tightening; can always move this elsewhere later.


@chenglou It’s ok, feel free to do that. I like @ryyppy’s idea

@amiralies actually I’ve changed my mind. I’m not sure we’ll be personally keeping the vim plugin well-maintained, so we can just make a note that it’s supported by a third party and direct to your repo. Then you can maintain it at your own pace.

The rationale was that there were occasions where disgruntled ex-contributors would sabotage a repo (not saying you would!), and an editor plugin is kinda important. But I’d like to default to good intention here. And the upfront notice of the plugin being unofficial should be enough for now.

Anyway, thanks for the work!


@chenglou I understand your concern. Maybe we can limit access to team members and only accept PRs at some point. But for now it’s ok, let’s see what happens.


Thanks for your work @amiralies. We’ve updated the editor page:


Hello, I am having trouble setting up neovim to support rescript development. I added @amiralies vim script to my init.vim, and it is reading the filetype on load, but the syntax highlighting is not working automatically in .res files. I have to source my init.vim file in order for it to highlight the syntax. Thoughts?

Can you open an issue on repository with platform info (os, nvim version etc.) ?