ReScript with Deno

I’m trying using ReScript on Deno.

This is super to me because Deno has way better compatibility with Web APIs and JS standards than Node.js

Since Deno supports real web modules(ESM via URI). It no longer requires complex tooling. The NPM-related part works only for ReScript.

And many Web APIs like Fetch just work. We can focus more on rescript-webapi, instead of putting more effort on maintaining huge and incomplete rescript-nodejs


How does this work for importing stdlib functions like Belt that would be fetched using node_modules resolution (and without file extensions)

@tom-sherman The es6 outputs have file extension. And it can use import maps that Deno natively supports, to resolve location

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Hi folks! :wave: I’m a little late to this discussion. In the last month or so I wrote 2 pieces exploring how to integrate with Deno, and exploring how to type to its APIs depending what’s needed.

My bindings are a bit all over the place at the moment, but @cometkim I’d love to sync up with you and see what we can reuse there :slight_smile: