Running old code with `"react-jsx": 2`

Hey folks. As one might have gleaned I have a lot of respect for old bs/rescript code. I read it, study it, because often there is a lot to learn there.

I have been coming up against:

>>>> Start compiling 
File "/Users/mando/Github/react-reason-my-components/bsconfig.json", line 5:
Error: Unsupported jsx version 2 
For more details, please checkout the schema
>>>> Finish compiling(exit: 2)

Is it no longer possible to run old code using react-jsx 2 with just npm install and bsb -make-world?

It seems like just remove the reason and refmt fields from bsconfig.json gets it go. Maybe someone can point me to where that is documented if it is.

Thank you.

What libraries / code are you referring to? There’s a lot of very old, unmaintained libraries out there, and it’s probably a good idea to copy the relevant parts into a modern version that runs on JSX 3.

react-jsx: 2 has been removed in ReScript v8 back then.

I love the old code! Anything and everything. Might be a lib, might be some random project. Been studying dom lately so came across and updated this no star lib dominant. For the jsx it might have been GitHub - ul/reason-workshop.

This is what I have to do until I get employed on some code base!

Fully aware of this fact. Thank you. I was just wondering If I had missed a script where it could be run and where it was noted that it was removed in case I wanted to cite it.

So no script then. Thank you.

Is there a rescript examples repo yet? Updated reason-react-hacker-news to rescript-hacker-news to show my love for the community!