SeaMonster Studios is looking for an engineer with ReScript experience!

About us —

  • 100% Remote (permanently)
  • We :hearts: React
  • We :hearts: ReScript
  • We :hearts: Hasura
  • We :hearts: Serverless
  • We :hearts: SPA’s and the JAM stack
  • We opt for GraphCMS, WordPress, and Shopify for our content management solutions
  • We’re headquartered in Seattle

You’re a good fit for the role if you —

  • Enjoy building UIs
  • Enjoy solving Problems
  • Love React and ReScript and have experience using them in real world applications
  • Would prefer not to waste time and money driving to and from work

You’re a great fit for the role if you —

  • Are very proficient in React and ReScript
  • Have experience leading projects start to finish and understand what it takes to get it done, preferably using Agile practices
  • Have experience with headless application development
  • Have experience working in a digital agency
  • Have experience with WordPress, Shopify, and GraphCMS

If you or anyone you know is interested they can reach me at


This position has been is no longer available.

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