Selling Points of ReScript

Hello ReScript Community :wave:

I was wondering, what the main value of ReScript is for you.

In ReasonML the main selling points for me were:

  1. 100% (or near that metric) Typesafety and with that no undefined / null errors
  2. Compilation to native
  3. A lightning fast compiler to JavaScript

Though the third one was more like a gimmick to me.

Compilation to native is (for the foreseeable future) gone and it isn’t even sure, that it will come back.

This topic to me, suggests that typesafety is also a non goal anymore.

So what for you are the main selling points now with the rebrand / split which would convince my company and coworkers to switch from JavaScript / TypeScript to ReScript? :blush:

Hi, the values are documented here:
Reason syntax does not deliver things you mentioned above, you can not take ocaml native compiler or rescript and say it’s part of Reason syntax, it’s the underlying engine, rescript or ocaml compiler which did the hard work.