Senior Software Engineer (ReScript/React/Next.js, Stockholm/Remote) -

Hello ReScript community!

My name is Daniel and I’m the CTO of Carla ( We’re an online used car dealership focusing on selling/leasing electrified cars! We want to make it as easy to get an electric car online as it would be to buy a pair of shoes.

To do this, we’re on an ambitious journey to build an end to end platform for buying, refurbishing, selling and delivering cars to customers, and we are using ReScript (amongst other things) to do it!

We’re now looking for several senior level (senior/staff/software) Software Engineers to join our remote-first product teams help up solve this challenge!

We’re especially interested to hear from people with Reason/ReScript experience!

Our software stack consists of things like: Golang/Postgres/GraphQL/Relay/ReScript/Relay/React/Next.js/Fela (Atomic state-driven CSS) and more!

If you’re interested, feel free to reach out to me:

Have a nice day!