Shaping front end roles

In small startup settings, would front end devs be turned off by having to work on the company static site or online documentation, in addition to the primary SPA? That is, if I am in hiring position in the future, should I go out of my way to keep static site development out of the front end engineer role or is it okay to blend the responsibilities?

Also, am I correct in assuming more complexity like implementing an online playground like the ReScript Playground, is the most sought after category of work, or is there some other aspect of front end dev that people seek out in job postings?

I tend to hire fire engineers that are focused on building products that move the company forward.

That type of engineer will be okay switching back and forth between high complexity and lower complexity with as necessary.

It’s hard to define front end roles now due to a wide complexity spectrum. It will help if you offer examine projects as part of the job description.

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