Should I commit the generated `.merlin` file?

I am just starting to integrate rescript into a small project of mine.
I am following the official instructions at the rescript page by installing it using yarn and use a build script. The process is generating a .merlin file that I am not sure if I should commit.

Thanks in advance.

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According to the gitignore file on the example project template, no you should not.

This is the list of files to ignore:

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From the docs:

Ignore .merlin File

This is generated by the build system and you should not have to manually edit it. Don’t check it into the repo.

Justification: .merlin is for editor tooling. The file contains absolute paths, which are also not cross-platform (e.g. Windows paths are different).

Thanks for the link. I was not able to find it just by searching for .merlin

Are you using the docs’ search? It should come up when searching for “.merlin” there.

Screenshot of search results.

If I recall correctly, yes, that is exactly what I did. May be with my mind in some other place that day…