Some personal updates

Hi all,

I have not been working on ReScript for a while due to the parental leave but I think it makes sense to have stake holders updated about the recent status.

I am taking a very long break thanks to Meta’s generous benefits. I am also taking this opportunity to learn something in depth so that it will eventually trickle down to my future work including the Rescript compiler.

I am still reading this forum, it is great to see an active community focusing on production issues instead of fighting language features, keep up the great work!

The biggest lesson I learned during the history of Rescript(was BuckleScript) is backwards compatibility. Therefore, the language itself will be stable except that it may be compiling faster or running faster.

Best – Hongbo


Take all the time you need. Family should always come first. We’ll keep the lights on and be here to help the language kick goals when you’re ready.