Some thought about user experience of the ide plugin rescript-vscode

After using rescript for months, i am deeply impressed by rescript which is an awesome language, it is better than typescript i think. But the user experience of it’s ide is terrible:

  1. The format on save problem about %raw block which will cause much blank lines in %raw block
  2. The tips is just poped after you saved you file, while it can be poped when you code typescript whether or not to save file
    The user experience of changing from typescript to rescript in vscode is like coding java from using IDEA to notepad :slightly_smiling_face:

Concerning your second point, you can activate autosave as a workaround:

The formatting is not functional in autosave mode. It’s the type system makes me rewritting my old project from ts to rescript, but the editor plugin is not good enough yet

I find the auto formatting stops working after awhile, but if I restart VSCode it then works again.

You might like “Restart Extension Host” in the Command Palette, which avoids having to quit the IDE.

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