Starter with cra, bs-jest, rescript-react-testing-library, java selenium?

I am about to combine these for some prototype work and I was curious if someone already has a starter that combines those technologies? Thanks

Everybody seems to give up when it comes to rescript-react-testing-library/bs-react-testing-library: cra-template-* rescript - npm search. I also encountered some difficulties trying to get it to work.

I found one person who brought their starter to completion, except it’s using snowpack, GitHub - ChangJoo-Park/rescript-example-for-starter: rescript와 react 예제 모음. Also, this is pretty thorough, but opinionated: GitHub - bloodyowl/rescript-react-starter-kit: An opinionated starter kit for ReScript React.

I’m going to drop down a level of abstraction and use webpack directly without cra, and see if I can understand the rescript-react-testing-library error in more depth.