Superfluous rec in a @react.component breaks transpilation?

While in the process of writing a recursive react component, I found out that a superfluous rec leads to a strange JS translation.

Here is a MWE:

With the following rescript code,

module A = {
  let rec a = () => React.null

the translated JS code leads to an infinite loop:

function a(props) {
  while(true) {
    continue ;

var A = {
  a: a

Removing the rec leads to the proper

function CommentRow$A$a(props) {
  return null;

var A = {
  a: CommentRow$A$a

Shouldn’t (although redundant) rec result in the same translation?
I don’t think this happens in plain functions.
Is this a bug, or is this behavior documented somewhere?

I’m using JSX 4 with rescript 10.1.0.