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I am currently learning rescript after flirting with typescript. I generally prefer lighter weight editors like Sublime, Emacs, or even Atom; however, it seems that much of the recent editor-related development work is being done for VSCode. Is there a consensus in this community that VSCode is the future?

I noticed that the Atom plugins have not been worked on for 9 months and the Sublime packages are still linked to Reason and have been idle for almost 2 years.

Very few of the features developed for the VSCode extension is VSCode specific - as many of them as possible are driven through a general language server. So while I don’t think it’s considered “officially supported”, I believe what users of other editors do is just package up the language server and plug it into their favorite editor, provided the editor supports that.

cc @amiralies who’s doing this with vim IIRC.

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And these instructions work well for Sublime Text.

If you see any warts during development, chances are high that either you accidentally invoked Sublime Text’s own feature (e.g., Go to Definition) instead of Sublime-LSP’s equivalent, or that the same wart exists in VSCode too (and thus the wart belongs to rescript’s LSP).

Thanks so much for the link to the rescript-sublime repo and to the instructions for LSP. I was wrong in the OP re the Sublime packages. I got confused because the link for Sublime Text on the Editor Plugins page is still pointing to the ReasonML repo.

Yeah. Took me a bit of research too.

Though I am not using it now, the sublime setup worked fairly well for the period I did.

Keep in mind

  1. that rescript’s LSP does not support Go to Symbol function (where you get a list of all the symbols from the project, which then you can filter through). As a result, sublime-LSP’s Go to Symbol is also disabled for rescript files. As a band-aid, you could use sublime’s own a bit crude, but functional Go to Symbol feature.

  2. the gotchas mentioned in my previous post.