SWC/esbuild TS vs Rescript compilation speed

With this fast compiler made in rust can rescript still win in comparison with compile speeds? I still think that the rescripts language server is much faster making the DX better.

The fast speeds in TS coming from rewriting things in Rust is only about transpiling, not type checking. So you’re still stuck with the same, potentially slow type checking.

I would be very surprised if actual type checking was rewritten in Rust the coming years.


yes, there are no plans in both esbuild/swc to implement typecheck, does that mean that rescript is fast with it’s language server type checking even in huge projects? I never came upon such example so IDK.

iirc swc has plans to implement ts typechecker.

rescript’s compiler is still fast at scale. there are some source available projects you can try like darklang or pupilfirst.

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thanks, I think I will use rescript then. I think swc will come into play when I build the project in the pipeline since the compiled rescript code will be bundled using next’s bundler rollup and it uses swc

The typechecker project is not the swc official, it is a side project of the author of swc. Since it has very big ambitions, optimistic expectations may not work there.

In fact, he’s made some pretty amazing progress, but at the same time, he’s screaming every new release of TypeScript comes out :stuck_out_tongue: