Tailwindcss fold classes in Rescript/React

What do you guys use to fold the classes inside react elements. It can become noisy when using TailwindCSS.

There are some VSCode extensions like Tailwind Fold

They fold the classnames but I haven’t got them to work with ReScript

tbh I’ve been using tailwind since before 1.x and its never bothered me.

last place I worked at we used a tool, rustywind, to sort/format/deduplicate our tailwind classes.
it was an Elm app, so a little trickier, but I believe Prettier can do it too. we used Rusty in a githook for consistency across IDEs

haven’t done much Rescript and tailwind tho to have an answer.

maybe pulling out the long list of classes into a variable could improve readability, or grouping responsive classes, etc