TailwindCSS isn't being applied on rescript-react components

I’m using the GitHub - ryyppy/rescript-nextjs-template: Opinionated Boilerplate for NextJS, Tailwind and ReScrip from @ryyppy but tailwind classes are not being applied when i try to use inside rescript-react components.

However, if I apply these classes into a custom css file, styles are applied successfully

This is my repo: GitHub - cciuenf/maroon: Front end para a Plataforma Digital PEA Pescarte

Your tailwind config purge doesn’t list all the rescript source directories.

Also, I have found jit mode to be buggy so far. I disabled it in one of my repos for now.

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Thank you! I didn’t notice that! And the jit mode is really buggy

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Can you elaborate? Didn’t run into any bugs yet and find jit mode to be way more performant and comfortable to use.


Multiple times, I would start referencing a class, and then preview the webpage with next dev run and notice that the style I was expecting wasn’t applied because the class that I referred to was undefined. Then, I would stop the dev server, disable jit, and start next dev again and notice that the purging/compiling did include the new class and the style that I was expecting was visible. This happened to me about five times over the course of a few days, and I just didn’t want to spend any more time trying to figure out what was failing.

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Interesting… jit mode has worked perfectly so far for me too,

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that’s is exactly what was happening with me