[Talk] React-Finland: A Story of ReScript's Documentation Platform

Had a (pretty spontaneous) talk at React-Finland lately and was pretty pleased about the results… maybe someone else here finds it interesting?

Link to the slides

Btw it would be amazing to see more talks posted here on the forum.
If there aren’t any, I am afraid we need to organize (more) online meetups to close that gap!

EDIT: Updated the broken link


how does the Lookup Syntax tool work?
Is it a simple search using startsWith or is it a more specialized algorithm?

It uses fuse.js as a client-side fuzzy finder. It matches on several criterias, like name and keywords that are extracted from the markdown files.

You can check the code here

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Clicking on the link gives a 500 Server error for me. Is the link broken ?

I guess so. Here is the talk RF21 – Patrick Ecker – The Story of ReScript's Documentation Platform - YouTube

Cool! I know a few more talks about rescript, but they are in Russian https://youtu.be/jnSHRPCTFPc

Seems like they changed the url from /mysterious-talk to something more meaningful :smiley: … updated the original link and added some link to my slides as well.