Telegram chat for ReScript community

Hello every one!

I created telegram group for ReScript members – click

This is needed for quicker answers to small questions. Also we can discuss any themes about rescript.
Join and invite others please!

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Join please :slight_smile:
so we can make the community more open to newcomers
they don’t like to ask stupid questions on forums, chat rooms are great for that
and we can communicate on various topics, and the important thing to bring here

Great effort putting the group together :+1:

My 2 cents are that we should embrace as many questions as possible on this forum. The more content it has the better it will become, also for beginners.

I’m a newcomer myself and have not had problems asking questions here. But I get your point. What do you think could be changed here to make it even more beginner friendly? Maybe we should have a beginners section / FAQ / a section for quick questions or something along those lines?


FAQ is good idea.
I ask many questions here and got answers. This is good place for that.
But for some people it is more convenient to ask questions in the chat room.
I think that chat – good place for “stupid” questions and to get information faster. We can transfer important info to here.

“a section for quick questions” – it’s chat :slight_smile: because I can answer on some questions with my phone. I don’t like jump by all internet in my phone. When I have a little bit free time, I can open telegram and check chat. And if I can help – I’ll do it.

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Have 2 concerns with chat:

  • Having forum content indexed by Google goes a long way, it’s a big reason why Stack Overflow is so useful. You lose that with chat, and I think you’d be surprised how valuable it is looking up even “stupid” questions.
  • Real-time aspect of chat is a burden that grows over time if not properly nurtured. This is not to say it can’t be done, but would love to see buy-in from forum maintainers as well before truly embracing it.

I think it’s a good idea, a chat allow for more direct interaction. When I’m a newcommer and not sure if I want to be involve in, I prefer to ask in a chat rather than a forum. Building a FAQ or reporting in the forum the most common question seems a good move. If the question is pertinent and “new”, we can ask the new user to post it on the forum instead of the chat

We don’t offer any official realtime chat, and for now there won’t be any.

We explicitly made the move to a forum for the reasons @pheuter mentioned. Also see this post on closing down our (previously existing) Discord subchannels:

When ppl say “we’ll post things on the forum when it’s relevant”, then in 99% of the cases there won’t be any forum post (why even, most of the time ppl are moving on as soon as they got their answer). Information will be scattered and the question / answer will be left unanswered, lost or forgotten.

For us, the forum has proven to be the most effective medium for discoverable and effective discussions. It also gives us valuable insights on community growth.

I am sure there are folks who disagree. This is certainly a topic where there will be no true consent.

(Also I am sure someone will eventually mention Zulip or similar chat / forum hybrids. It’s almost inevitable :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)


I understand why chat is bad. But also I think chat is good idea for non-formal discussions about ReScript. And I know a lot of people what need him to have some dialog before try some technology/language.

If the will popular and added to official community page, we could make bot, what will post forwarded messages to here. Some people will have permissions for do it. And we’ll get google-indexes for questions from chat.

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I’m really liking the forum much more than the old Reason Discord chat, I can catch up much easier and the amount of noise is significantly reduced. It also means I’m more likely to get an answer when I post out-of-hours (I live in an unforgiving timezone) instead of questions getting lost because no one was around. It’s also much easier to follow discussions from a while ago: chat applications, despite their best efforts, can’t guide user behaviour to producing easily-parseable threads.

I’m fine with a real-time chat option being there, but I don’t think I’ll be using it or paying it much attention. If it’s going to become a supplementary thing, there should be something encouraging users to cross-post their questions to the forum.

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I understand you. I want to have chat as additional tool.