Thank you for getting traction again

I’d like to just say “thank you” to the community and core team of ReScript for reviving the development!

The last year looked like doom for the language. Almost all activity on GitHub has stalled, and the public analytics numbers were declining. I thought we saw the sunset of a project that used to have much potential.

Yes, I know, there’re personal reasons behind the pause. And can someone blame unfunded OSS developers for putting a little interest in commitment after all?

I’m happy to see the progress again. The last month or two are promising us the best JS-targeted language has a bright future! Community-powered releases, DX improvements, JSX v4, structural typings, doc comments, formatter polishing, wow.

ReScript is already production-ready in its current state. It powers a few of my projects, and I know many community members’ projects. But let’s face it, ReScript is not C o C++ and cannot afford to stay static for a decade even if used in production. So please, don’t let it stall.

As a personal opinion, I’d like to see more issues labeled “Help wanted,” “Community,” and “Good first task” in ReScript repos. I’m sure folks from the community can move mountains given a clear governance policy (tags and call for help on the forum is a great start).

Good luck to us all.