The big ReasonML project I've been working on is live

There isn’t the equivalent of #lookwhatibuilt from discord on this forum, so apologies for putting general chatter in with the questions, but I thought you all might be interested to know that the big ReasonML project my team has been working on for 18 months is finally in closed beta.

We’ve been building TinyMCE real-time collaboration :partying_face:

ReasonML is used for both the client-side collaboration implementation and also as the foundation of a model-based editing mode for TinyMCE. Everything between Slate (the basic model library) and TinyMCE’s UI is ReasonML, including a vdom-style content rendering engine with intelligent diff updates. The new model will drive the next decade of editor features and I’m hoping we will complete it as a standalone feature separate to RTC in 2021, at which point the model code is likely to be open source.


For more of a background on why we chose ReasonML for the project, this earlier blog post will be interesting as well


Congrats on the release, this looks super cool!

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Looking great!
Congrats on the first release :tada:

General is fine for such announcements.

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can we please rename uncategorised to general then :wink:

I am not sure if this will trash our existing links, since we’d also need to change the url slug then for consistency (no idea if Discourse redirects permalinks)

My guess is it will redirect. Post urls don’t have the topic slug in them, the only url that does is browsing the topic, and that includes an ID number. There isn’t a discourse manual I can find but there are references to renaming topics (and moving posts between topics) being a normal thing, also users are given the ability to rename topics at trust level 3.

If you’re still concerned, perhaps set up a test server under the 14 day free trial and experiment with this before doing it on the live server :thinking:

It does. I manage a Discourse forum and did such renames before. They are safe and SEO won’t be hurt.

The idea is pretty simple: it only looks to numbers in URL, the slugs are just for SEO and ignored by the engine. Try it:

Here I misspelled “uncategorized” with “uncategorizedzzzzzzzzz” and got an automatic 301 redirect to the current slug:


Thanks for the info, I just read a little bit into the uncategorized mechanism after your hint. I am not entirely happy with the way how Discourse handles this as a special category, but I went ahead and just renamed it to General now. Hope this is less confusing than Uncategorized.