The new editor integration

Me and probably several others are really interested in the work on the new editor integration. I understand it’ll take some time, but I think knowing the level of ambition and what approach you’re taking would be valuable for the community. So, here’s a few questions around that:

  • Are you opting to write the editor integration as a standalone Language Server? If so, in ReScript Node, ReasonML (aka native), or TypeScript? I know there was talks about continuing work on RLS, is that still the plan?
  • I understand you’re tackling diagnostics first. What’s the next thing after that? Type info, completion, etc?
  • Is the plan for the editor integration to run the ReScript compiler itself, like RLS, or have the user run it?

I’ll start with those and I’m sure me and others will come up with more. Excited about seeing this evolve.


I’m also very interested in editor integration, I would happily contribute to a project in rescript or reasonml / ocaml, not so sure about typescript though!


You can check out the current progress (and actually usable releases) on rescripts GitHub:

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Same questions here. Also I am wondering if merlin is used/wrapped in the editor integration. Otherwise the scope might be pretty large, and I can imagine it would take a while before we have something that is on par or better than merlin atm.

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Another thing that would be nice would be for RLS to not take precedence on .res files especially since it can’t do much with it and prevent rescript-vscode to format code and do things like that.

Right now, support for mixed re/res projects (I only use .res for modules using string interpolation a lot so far) is broken.

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