Thinking of creating a ReScript YouTube tutorials, any advice?

When searching for ReScript tutorials on YouTube, there aren’t that many resources that present it systematically. I am aware that devs who want to use ReScript usually are not beginner/junior anymore and most of them can just learn using the ReScript website (awesome website btw!).

But I still think there is value in creating a video content that can be digested systematically. Target audience is at least intermediate.

I like to think that ReScript is pretty stable at this point, but some movement in ReScript, like the usage of Belt, standard library, etc, and the uncurried by default makes me think that it could potentially change coding style significantly. I think this is the only concern.

Any thoughts or comments?


I’d wait a little longer until the stdlib and ucurried-by-default situation has settled. The language style will be quite different from there on.

But generally yes, I’d love to see some new curated content around it. Although I feel like written tutorials might be easier to maintain on the first few years after the v11release.


That makes sense.

Any timeline for the ReScript v11 release?

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Why not start making the videos now on the parts of the language that won’t change?

When v11 comes out, it only becomes content and opportunity to clear up confusion for not just people that are new to Rescript, but to people that have been using it for a long time, ie; “V11 ReScript launched and all the changes.”

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That’s a good idea. Thank you.